HRM 3.9.0 released!

HRM 3.9.0

It is with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availability of HRM 3.9.0!

This is a security release that makes HRM compatible with PHP >= 8.1. However, please notice that HRM 3.9.0 is no longer compatible with PHP 7.x!


These are the changes in HRM 3.9.0:

New features

  • HRM is now compatible to PHP >= 8.1 only.
  • Allows defining a stopping criterion for each channel.
  • Removes IMS (Imaris Classic) output file format.
  • Adds acuity and acuityMode to the parameters table.
  • Improves renaming folders related to VSI files.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes confidence levels when extracting from a file.
  • Fixes missing sub-image names in multi-series output files.

Relevant links

You can download the latest version of HRM from

Upgrade instructions can be found on

Installation instructions for fresh HRM installs can be found on

Finally, the user manual can be found on

Have fun with HRM 3.9!

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