HRM Hackathon 2016

Another successful HRM Hackathon is over!

As in the last two editions, this year’s HRM Hackathon was hosted by Roland Nitschke at the Life Imaging Center of the Center for Biological Systems Analysis in Freiburg (D).

In an intense five-day effort, we continued working on some running projects and kick-started some new ones.

In particular, a new set of installation scripts that automate most of the installation steps of the HRM will be released very soon.

The new Queue Manager based on the gc3pie tools and libraries is almost complete and is planned to be released in HRM 4.0 hopefully in fall 2016.

A completely reworked user management system with strongly enhanced security will be soon released in HRM 3.4.

Work is in process to integrate a graphical file manager in the HRM UI, which is in turns being completely rewritten! Release time for the new file manager has not been defined yet.

Stay tuned!

HRM Hackathon 2015

The 4th HRM hackathon is over. And it was a very productive one!

Indeed, this year we tackled both short-term and ambitious long-term tasks.

Among the most immediate tasks, we fixed a couple of post-3.2.2-release issues. We will release them soon together with the upcoming 3.3 release (Summer 2015).

For 3.3, we also implemented the option to import image templates from selected files and from templates created in the Huygens Suite. Correction for chromatic aberrations will be optional in the Restoration menu. Also, we will release the new installer scripts that will greatly simplify the setup of HRM.

Directly from our middle-term plans, a completely new Queue Manager will be the highlight of HRM 4.0 (End 2015).

And even bigger surprises are coming in HRM 5.0 (after Hackathon 2016)!