HRM 3.2.2 released!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availability of HRM 3.2.2!

This patch release offers a faster parsing of sub-images in LIF files, it addresses some reported issues with files with blank spaces in their names, and fixes the many rendering issues that have historically been ruining the HRM experience in Internet Explorer (but please mind that you will need IE version 9 or more recent for this). The following is the complete changelog.

New features

  • Faster parsing of LIF files
  • Added PSF type to summary table
  • HRM now renders correctly in Internet Explorer 9 and above
    • IE 8 and older are no longer supported!
  • The image preview page now shows the file name
  • New official website!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken template sharing in IE
  • Fixed issue with the measured PSF selection tool showing each file twice
  • Fixed issue with blank spaces in names breaking the file selection field in FF and IE
  • Plenty of minor fixes