HRM 3.5.0 released!

We are proud to announce the release and immediate availability of HRM 3.5!

The new HRM UI

The new features at a glance are:

  • New, modern user interface
  • GMLE deconvolution algorithm
  • Stabilization of deconvolved time series
  • New spherical aberration correction mode
  • New license overview page for admins
  • Performance increase for image selection
  • Bug fixes

As usual, please make sure that you follow the upgrade instructions carefully!

The following sections will provide some additional information on the new features of HRM 3.5.

New, modern user interface

HRM starts a major effort to give HRM a modern user interface that reduces the visual and functional gap with modern web applications. Besides aesthetic changes, also several functionality improvements are added to this release. More work is in the pipeline that will bring us to HRM 4.0.

GMLE deconvolution algorithm

HRM 3.5 adds support to Good’s roughness Maximum Likelihood Estimation, a new deconvolution algorithm that improves restoration of very noisy images (especially for STED and confocal data).

Stabilization of deconvolved time series

HRM 3.5 can optionally correct for cell motion, thermal drift, shaking, and other types of XYZ translations and rotations.

New spherical aberration correction mode

Fixing very strong spherical aberration is now possible thanks to the Huygens sub brick (varPsf) advanced correction mode (“Depth-dependent correction performed on few slabs”). Also, the spherical aberration correction is now always run if a refractive index mismatch is present.  A new image viewer helps with the selection of the coverslip position for the correction.

New license overview page for admins

A new overview page for admins lists the Huygens modules and options that are active on the system.

Performance patch for image selection

Scanning the image source folder with tens or hundreds of thousands of files is now orders of magnitude faster.

Have fun with the HRM 3.5!

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